Tiki Wetsuits Guarantee

Tiki 2-year Guarantee Option

Sign up below within 30 days of original purchase of ANY Tiki wetsuit, and you’ll be eligible for a 1-year extension on your existing standard 1-year warranty. So a total of 2-years cover!

The warranty extension coverage will commence once our general product 1-year warranty expires.

For full details on the warranty requirements click HERE

Sign up for 2-Year Tiki Warranty

Sign up within 30 days of the original purchase date for warranty extension to be vaild.

Tiki Standard 1-year Warranty

Tiki have been making wetsuits since the 1960’s. We stand by the performance and quality of every product we make. As such we offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty to repair or replace any Tiki wetsuit if the product is found to be faulty under normal use and proper care. Tiki will repair or replace the product at our discretion.

Full details can be found HERE

To extend this warranty to 2-years for free, sign up above.

How to return your Tiki Suit for repairs

Using the Warranty

There are 2 ways to use the warranty:

1. Return to store: Go back to your local Tiki dealer, they'll send your suit to our Tiki service centre. You must have proof of purchase (receipt or invoice).

2. Tiki Wetsuits repair service: Send the product back to Tiki by certified mail, along with proof of purchase (receipt or invoice). Your wetsuit will be returned to you as soon as possible free of charge (if covered under warranty).

Full warranty terms and conditions can be found HERE