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Kraz reviews the Tiki Zepha Range

Tiki Braunton store manager Kraz has been begging to get in front of the camera for years so we’ve finally given him a shot and let him review the Tiki mens Zepha! 

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Kraz Reviews The Mens Tiki Zepha Range

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The ZEPHA 2 is Tiki's flagship cold water model - with every feature included to make this range the ultimate wetsuit. Developed and refined over the course of 10 years for North Devons best surfers, this is the warmest, best fitting wetsuit in our range. Tiki team rider and big wave legend Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton had this to say about the Zepha model:

“I’ve been using the Zepha wetsuit since it was first designed. Warmth, durability and keeping mobile for performance are always key points and it definitely ticks all the boxes.”

Cotty’s taken this suit to the ends of the Earth and proven it in the coldest, hardest conditions… the Zepha is the real deal.

This suit is as high performance as it gets, but you don’t have to be riding big waves in Mullaghmore to warrant getting one. It performs just as well for someone catching their first wave as it does for the pro’s.