Lucy McQueen jones

Current British Ladies Champion in Kayaksurf & Waveski, I started paddle surfing in 2012. Growing up in Somerset, I didn't find my passion for the ocean and waves until I met Sam, my now husband, aged 21. After years of watching him in the water, he finally got me to try it and it was from then that my love for the sport grew. We started entering competitions very early on, the first and most memorable in Portugal, Eurowave 2012. It was there that we found a new family, our waveski family! Ever since, we have travelled all around the world in search for waves and taking part in competitions from Ireland to South Africa.

Kayak surf came a bit later for me. After spending years being the only female in the UK competing in waveski and competing against the men, I decided to enter the kayak category and started competing against other like minded females. I've found friends and learnt so much from them too.

But it's not all about the competitive side, surfing and spending time near the ocean is a way of life for me as an individual, and for our family.When you're in the water it's an escape, a way to connect with nature, even a therapy. I feel so lucky to have found the love of waves and surfing and the life that comes with it.


Shorelines Black Rock Surf Kayak Festival, Bude

Kayak and Waveski competition. Difficult conditions meant the 2 day competition was squeezed into 1. Although the conditions weren't great Lucy still managed to come back with good results.

Rest moves West, Freshwater West, Pembroke

Originally meant to be held at Rest Bay in Porthcawl, 'Rest is Best' got postponed twice due to no swell. This time it was moved to Freshwater West in Pembroke, for the best chance of contestable waves.