We're thrilled to welcome big wave surfer Louis Thomas-Hudson joining us as a Tiki Team Rider.

Take a look at Louis's story below.

Words from louis:

I grew up around our family surf shop Tynemouth Surf Co and always loved surfing as a kid. My family are keen surfers and my grandad was one of the first surfers in the North East.

I started off my competitive surfing life short boarding with my goal to make the British surfing team. With lots of hard work and training I made it as captain of the team and lead the team to compete in the ISA World Junior Games in California when I was 18 which still today one of my greatest achievements.

As I got a little older I also started to do some longboarding on small days which I really enjoyed. I decided to do some contests and ended up with some good results including a 3rd in the English Nationals. From there I moved on to big wave surfing!

My first big wave trip was to Ireland, Mullaghmore when I was 20. I travelled over on my own and stayed with my friend Taz Knight in his house that was half built which was freezing in the middle of winter. There was a huge mully swell, I paddled out and sat there scared for about 3 hours, didn’t catch a wave and paddled back in. Even just from being out there and feeling the power of the waves I was hooked.

From then on my big wave journey begin and I decided that was the route I wanted my surfing to go down.

After multiple trips to Ireland and some of the best waves of my life I decided the next step/adventure for me would be to purchase my own jet ski and travel to Nazare to surf and train. Getting the ski organised with all of the extra modifications and equipment needed with it was a mission itself but a new challenge that I enjoyed.

I spent the last winter immersing myself in the Nazare scene working on surfing and learning to drive my jet ski out there, which was very challenging at times but 100 percent worth it. I met some amazing guys over there that I was able to surf/tow with and had the one of the best trainers, Alemao Morais training me over there.

I think the one thing I love about big wave surfing and surfing in general is the escapism. All you’re doing is focusing on surfing and you forget about everything else going on in the world and after a surf you always just feel great. I find in big waves this is even stronger with all of the adrenaline added in. You have 100 percent focus when you out in big surf.


• Former Captain of Team GB Junior Surfing Team.

• Surfing in the Gigantes de Nazare event.

• Catching my biggest ever wave at Nazare.

• Surfing the best wave of my life at Mullagmore.


• To surf a 60ft plus day at Nazare and catch the biggest wave of my life 

• To win a big wave event-Continue to train be able to be a very good jet ski driver which allows me to be a valuable member of tow surf teams 

• To surf new big wave spots around the world  through out my career such as Jaws, Puerto Escondido, Mavericks and Teahupoo.

• To become one of the worlds best big wave surfers