Meet The

St Ives Team


Hi, I am Mark manager at Tiki St Ives. I have a life long passion for board sports. After skateboarding broke me in the 80’s I took up surfing, windsurfing and snowboarding for softer landings.

Favourite Beach: Gwithian
Preferred Conditions: Any, it’s all fun!
Surfboard Wish List: Torq BigBoy Fish 6' 10
Wetsuit: Tiki Zepha
Favourite After Surf Snack: Cheese and Crackers
When Not Surfing: Bike or Walk
Claim: Back in 1999 I used to sell Tiki wetsuits in my Windsurfing shop


Hi, I am Chico. I grew up in and around London until early 2022 when I moved to Cornwall. I grew up racing and riding BMX all over the world.

Since moving to Cornwall and working at Tiki I am starting to learn to surf.

Favourite Beach: Porthmeor
Preferred Conditions: Sunny day in a dry skatepark
Surfboard Wish List: 8’ Torq Chancho X-Lite Channel Islands White
Wetsuit: Tiki Tech 3/2
Favourite After Surf Snack: Vegan burger at Blas Burger
When Not Surfing: BMX
Claim: Cadburys Finger of Fudge stunt double.


Hi I am Bridget, I grew up in St Ives and have been surfing since my Dad first took me in 2010.

I help out at Saints Boardriders kids surf sessions based at our local St Ives surf beach Porthmeor.

I have a passion for fashion as well as surfing so I can help you with what to wear to the beach as well as what to surf.

Favourite Beach: Porthmeor
Preferred Conditions: Clean fun waves with friends
Surfboard Wish List: Torq 6'10 Mod Fish in Pinline Miami Blue
Wetsuit: O'neill Epic
Favourite After Surf Snack: Chips at Porthmeor Cafe
When Not Surfing: Shopping
Claim: Played netball for team Bath regionals.


Hi, I’m Steve and I love surfing and skateboarding. St Ives has a great community of surfers and skaters. I enjoy going on a surf trip but there is nothing better than sharing waves with friends at home in Cornwall.


Favourite Beach: Porthmeor
Wetsuit: Rip Curl
Favourite After Surf Snack: Chicken Wings at Rum & Crab Shack
When Not Surfing: Never not surfing
Claim: Every wave the Manager Mark can’t catch