Who is… Sean Wilde (Wilde Surfboards)?

Who is… Sean Wilde

Sean Wilde, originating from Australia, started Wilde Shapes over twenty five years ago in Huntington Beach California. After shaping surfboards for a decade in the States and a further seventeen years in Australia, his shapes are a perfect blend of both styles.

Although working on his own designs from the beginning, Sean has also shaped for some of the most highly regarded surfboard shapers in the industry.
One such shaper, the late Blake Case whom at the time was at the forefront of modern design and was shaping boards for Tom Curren, Sunny Garcia and Derick Ho. Blake passed on his knowledge and his prized planer which Sean still uses to this day.

Sean then started shaping and riding surfboards of the longer variety after starting his new job at the Robert August factory. Working for four years with a team of surfing legends hand shaping an assortment of models, you might say his apprenticeship was well and truly complete.

When he was offered a chance to move back home to Australia with the Robert August label and his first child on the way he jumped at it. It wasn’t long before he was shaping boards, not only for the Robert August label, but also Bennetts, Keyo as well as continuing his own label.

This all led to the ultimate decision of letting all other labels go in order to pursue his dream of making his own label.

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