Who is… Alan Emery (Emery Surfboards)

Emery Surfboards

Alan Emery grew up in Northern NSW, Australia surfing the famed right hand point break,   Lennox Head and any waves he could find in the surrounding area.

As a grommet, any spare time that Al had out of the water was spent learning all aspects of shaping, design and the production process within the Surfboard Industry.

The vast amount of Australasian Pro Junior, WSL, CT and the rest of Emery’s surfers around the world including Adam Melling, a world tour surfer, has helped Alan to refine his shapes, contours and rockers to an extremely high level, producing surfboards for just about every break across the globe and for every level of surfing.

Al’s passion for surfing & surfboards is shown through his constant motivation to improve on designs, not only for himself but also for his team and customers. This along with the dedication and drive that is put into the quality shapes and design innovation has resulted in Emery Surfboards becoming a premier surf brand in the Surfboard Industry.

The Surfboard Industry consumes Al’s life, by literally living & breathing every moment of it. When he’s not in the lab working with new materials, designs and process, he’s out there surfing with his team and mates.


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