Launched in 2015, the Tiki iSUP range has rapidly become regarded as the best value iSUP range on the market. Our boards are made from the same materials, in the same way as many of the top brands, but come at a much lower price point. The ‘feel’ of the boards, stability, rigidity, durability, is exceptional and comparable to any of the more expensive boards out there.

Our range is designed to suit all SUP users – from the racer, to the surfer, hardened white water warrior to the summer cruisers.


The Stowaway is our affordable iSUP range. The construction is much better than most affordable iSUP’s with high quality
FUSION construction – using the the same materials and manufacturer as our premium FUSION iSUP.

We have kept the price lower by reducing the complexity of the deck EVA pad and
the number of handles and cargo cords.

Supplied as a complete pack including paddle.