Point Break Re-make

Many of you reading this, particularly the surfers among you will remember that early 90’s classic, Point Break. It was one of the first and still one of the few mainstream Hollywood movies to hold surfing as a core theme to the story line. The premise is simple, set in Los Angeles, a gang of bank robbers calling themselves the ex presidents are terrorising the city and FBI agent, Johnny Utah, is sent to infiltrate the gang. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, it stars Keanu Reeves as Johnny and the late Patrick Swayze as Bohdi, the reckless adrenaline junkie leader of the criminal gang. The film also included some interesting cameo roles from, among others, legendary surfer Matt Archbold and Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Rumors have been circulating for a few months now, but it looks like Point Break the remake has started filming and is scheduled for a summer 2015 release. It will join a long list of Hollywood remakes including, among many others, The Italian Job, Oceans Eleven and The Karate Kid.

The new film is set to star Australian and former ‘Home and Away’ actor Luke Bracey as Johnny, along with equally little known Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez as Bohdi. Arguably the film’s biggest star will be Ray Winstone who plays the FBI boss originally portrayed by Gary Busey. Teresa Palmer will play the female lead and Ericson Core will direct.

Remakes are always a slightly controversial issue and particularly with such an uknown cast and crew many will be asking, why rehash an old classic? I’m sure most of us that (secretly) enjoyed the original will go and see the remake just out of curiosity. The combination of Reeves’ trade mark cardboard acting and the now legendary Swayze’s edgy performance will surely be hard to beat.