New Waves – Bristol Wave Garden

Here’s some interesting news for surfers in the Southwest, particularly our friends in the Bristol area. A company called ‘The Wave: Bristol’ have submitted a full planning application for a 6.5 million pound surfing lake. The artificially created lake will be 115 meters wide and will create a 1.6 metre wave face height. You may have seen youtube footage of a similar project in Spain.

How does it work? The planned development allows for two surfers on a wave at any time, one either side of a pier, essentially a left and a right. Under the central pier there will be a moving object that will displace water as it moves up and down the lake 60 times an hour, creating the wave. This means there will be 120 waves per hour, or two ridable waves per minute.

Surfing, perhaps more than any other sport, is heavily dependant on mother nature delivering the right combination of conditions. Any British surfer will know that those particular set of conditions, creating good or even acceptable surf, can be frustratingly rare and inconsistent. Could this innovation finally bring a taste of consistent swell to the wave hungry, surf community of Britain? Bare in mind, this will inevitably attract a lot of interest, crowds must surely still be an issue, perhaps not in the lineup as such, but just waiting in the que for your turn. On a positive note, if this project proves a success it may be the first of many to appear around the UK and indeed the world. Could the proliferation of these surfing lakes be a precursor to surfing being introduced as an olympic sport? Well i’m probably getting a bit ahead of myself there but your thoughts and views on this subject are welcome.

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